Who are You ? : how emotions work in your life ?

What is “Emotion”?

it begins when “he” takes a stand to be with every person in every situation, whether the worst or the best situation would be. The presence of “him” in you in galore with the distinct genre. “He” shows you at every point what you are without your speaking a single word. Your life is teeming with various colours of “him” and “he” can shower at any point in time. Some of you try to hide your colour of “him” but you would fail somewhere. Because “he” has the power who can divulge the truth, you can lie to yourself but not easy to be hidden  “him”. Letter: To desire from my heart!


Albeit,” he” is in you but sporadically “he” reveals your truth ..(A sarcasm on “him”). “He” is your responsibility to maintain, to add colours in “him”, all over to bring “him” up. Unclogging your thoughts leads to filtrate” him”. “He” is strong, dauntless, powerful, optimistic but “he can fearful, weak, apprehensive, pessimistic. Therefore, there should always have a positive aspect in controlling “him”. Never give up

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To emerge “him” as a positive character is the work of your own virtue of tenacity. Erratically,” he” can be influenced by the outer world for a small period of time, but he can supersede on his place again by the time because of your strong underpinning.

Well, Who is he????? About whom am I talking about??

He is your “Emotion”.

Yes, here I am talking about your emotion. It is your strongness as well as your weakness. You are the person who brings it up from your own childhood. No other can sneak into you to diversify your rampant emotion. Emotion has various colours:

It can flow through your eyes in the form of tears, it can decor your face in the form of smile, it can wrinkle on your forehead in the form of nervousness, it can be shivering your hands in the form of fear, it can  up your chin in the form of confident and many more colours of emotion are still left, so it can be seen on your face according to your situation so, how could you hide it? Somewhere, according to your thought, your emotion develops, when your thought is specific to your emotion and can react accordingly

At the Endnote:

Be precise to your emotion; not forced to hide it from yourself at least and speak to it and always true to yourself with your emotion.
Respect your emotion as well as others’.


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Thinking out loud

It is easy to find faults in others and proves yourself innocent. So please do some hard work over yourself instead of others. Every day you should face off yourself and calculate your strengths and weaknesses. Albeit it is hard but this continuous process makes you strong from inside and bring upon you as a good personality. A person having wrath has a different personality from the person having calmness.

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