Never give up


t can be decades, some years, weeks, days, hours or seconds to get that vibration in your heart, what you have been waiting for. Hoping for the best is your work and bearing the worst is your power. Similarly, those who hope for the best are “Optimistic” and those who have the potential to show their power are “legends”.

Tolerating the overpowering situation which fetters you in your own heart gives you many thoughts in your mind. Moreover, the speed of thoughts are as galloping of horses and hence you are unable to take a single right decision and eventually, you give up.

In other words, it is extremely harder to be a “legend”, for being a legend is to accept your defeat and tolerate all those dreaded thoughts which are pacily running. You all are free to regain your irrationality to make your thoughts powerful.  Heart-What is in your heart corner?

All such phenomenon is taking place in your heart, where you have placed all your sorrows and the things you don’t want to reveal. It is certainly difficult to come out from the irons of your, pessimistic thoughts or these thoughts have stuck in the dig of your own made labyrinth.


For instance, As in Mahabharata, Arjun’s son Abhimanyu knew to enter into labyrinth but don’t know to come out from it same as you. You easily incline yourselves in the lower path and hard to come out from it. You may incline yourself in it for a decade, years, weeks, days or for seconds. In the due course, it hollows your optimistic box proportionately to your increasing time.

After that, you are being frustrated by all this and if you want to get rid out of it, you certainly assure yourself to be a ray of hope for yourself instead of searching a ray of hope from outside. Does thinking matters?

There are many phases in life where you can easily get, what you are craving for, or it may take a long time to get it but never lose hope.
Your hope can be for achieving your goal in your carrier, your “, can be for a world tour, your hope can be for climbing up mountains, your hope can be for getting love, even more, your hope can be for having lots of food in a day. Why should you curb yourself to stop hoping for, which you gravely want?


First of all, you have to create that strong ichinin (determination) into you to overcome your hardships and also get yourself drowned into the gleam of hope for yourselves. Besides this always remember a ray of hope is always with you in every circumstance as Samurai is having a sword with him.

Conclusion :

As a result, hoping for the best leads to achieve your goals. And help others to meet them with their ray of hope or let others feel a ray of hope in you.