Valentines day : meaning of love

Finally, the week of love or the week of valentines day is around the corner. Many hearts and heartbeats are waiting for it. Valentine day is followed by 7 days, and every day has its own depiction to symbolize love. It is the ideal juncture to feel your beloved so special.


A red rose

How we can forget the flower of love, that spread the fragrance of devotion towards each other. The emotion of love is as real as the red colour of rose. Offering roses to your loved ones are not new, yet still, the feeling of giving roses to your loved ones is always new. It has been in trending since the era of Anarkali and Salim’s love or the Heer and Ranjha’s love.

“You are the lovely rose of my life. Each page of my life is written by the ink of your petals, that no one can erase. Likewise, the ROSE of my life would never apart from me. The fragrance of my rose is always in my heart as the garden is fragranced by the bouquet of roses.


A boy propose his girlfriend The day has come when you are going to show the palpitations of your heart, for whom it beats. Before proposing some for the love, you anticipate many things in your mind about its aftermaths. It could be in yes or no. However, you just feel free and express your love before your special one. Never give up

“You have my heart, Now I want to steal your heart to be lived together. As the hands shake, a day our hearts have also been together to coordinate our heartbeats simultaneously.”


A heart shape cardboard contain heart shape choclate

Sharing chocolates with your loved ones is the initial step for the beginning of a new relationship. As chocolates are in many flavours, it includes nuts, wafers, fruits, many things yet it is the sweetest offer giving chocolates. Likewise, love has many flavours, it may sometimes in the form of anger, smile sweetness and many more, eventually we back to our love for tasting its sweetness. Heart – A thought corner!

” You are the chocolate of my life, you have many faces to express your love and I love all those faces whether it is in the anger form or the affection one”.


A cute teddy hugging a rose

Teddy symbolizes the softness of love. Love is a delicate emotion that can fragile under the little weight of misunderstanding. Believing someone is the most important fibre in the making of teddy of LOVE. Gifting teddy to someone depicts the strong bond of love which is formed by the little trust you have. Quotes (about life , love ,feeling, motivational, happiness or many more)

“I simply cannot wait to your warm hugs that make me feel special and protective. I want you to by my side as a teddy always by your side. Because I wanna be your teddy for the lifetime. Happy teddy day!!!”


A couple walking on the road with holding thier fingers each other

Keeping promises is another way to express your love. A true promise is a vital part of smoothening your relationship. Having promises with each other and taking care of all those promises are different aspects. But it could possible when the interference of love is present. To love some is a promise per se. Don’t do those promise which you are not believing in. False promises affect your relationship and its piousness too. Thinking out loud

“I would always love you, is not only my words or commitment, rather it is my promise to myself and to you of course. I promise you to respect you, promise to help you, promise you to present there, where you need me.”


A couple hugging each other to celebrate their valentines day

Hugging special one is the feeling is that you are in the arms of the whole universe and you and your special are only present in this world. It gives you the power to cross every hurdle whatever comes in your path. Hugging someone depicts the support and the protection you give to your beloved. Embracing someone or put your head on his shoulder wash out all the worries and giving you emotional satisfaction too. It conveys, how much you are caring for.

“When I embrace you, It gives me the feeling of the happiest person in the world. I wanna hug you in the way we can emboss in each other and our two hearts become one. I need your warm hug to help me out from my loneliness.


13TH FEB KISS DAYA couple kissing each other to celebrate thier valentines day

Kiss depicts the meaning of acceptance of love. It shows the commitment of love from the souls of each other. It is an innocent way to express your affection.

“Whenever sickness comes into me, your kiss is the only panacea to cure me. At any moment I feel alone, your hand holds my hand and kiss over it signifies, how much you are caring for. Every single day  I return from my office in a very exhausted condition, your kiss on my forehead unwind my fatigues and relax me.”



A valentines-day gift in which heart stone surrounded by roses

True and selfless love accept you with all your flaws. Or maybe a person falls in love with your flaws. It is an unconditional love in which nothing is expected from someone except love and respect. Love is that feeling on which no one has control over it. Enforcing someone to accept you, is not love. Showing possession over your loved ones is a different outlook to show over possession over them. Giving space in the relationship makes your bond even stronger and longer and  by this you can make your valentines day even more special.

Liberty and Trusting are the two main strands on which the love of boat drives, they should be fixed properly otherwise when it will sink, you won’t realise. Giving Liberty is necessary to lift up the spirits of your relationship and trusting each other makes your bond sealed. Your sealed bond can fight with every hurdle you face.

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