Heart-A thought corner!

A rope making heart by crossing itselfAt the corner of your heart

   Sometimes, “something” you shroud yourself and keep it at your heart’s corner. The power of indulgence in your work makes you a workaholic and eventually, you have forgotten that corner… Albeit your heart’s size equivalent to your  palm’s but it has the space which can contain the sacks of your thoughts, feelings which comes into your heart in fractions of seconds ,but you hardly out those feelings…See you are the only person who is the bastion of your own life…so, lead your life in your own way or in  others way,it depends on you solely.   

Being a conducive person and try to steal favorable situation and intercepting the “Thing” from your heart’s corner before the pogrom has been taken that place by this outer world. Have that guts to concede yourself by your own perceptions, beliefs, and notions. Never Give Up    

Trying to control the brinkmanship which is in your heart…it happens because somewhere you do not succeed to find the thing which you have shrouded initially..this persisting condition makes you languish  and at last resort you give up… so why are you creating this condition ??…just get up find your ways to get that thing, work over it and   express   to the world..A symbol of Heart hanging in a rope


No one is stronger than the person who is dauntless, who can endure any sufferings, hardships without lamenting… Being a strong person…fight to yourself to analyze or search that hidden thing instead of fighting with the outer world…. make sure give the answers of your own question that you have hidden at the corner of your heart instead of giving the answer to the world.. you are unaware that you have hidden your happiness in that thing…you know you are the only person who create your own happiness …maybe the wealth .the property are inherited but happiness is your own..it’s only created by you… it cannot be inherited.. Thinking Out Loud

There is no specific time to search but you have to take out time to search that thing which can make you happy again and free from all the hardships and discomforts…

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