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Quotes about life that enhance your motivation and boost energy and spirit to yourselves and make you fresh and active. Visit once, you love it definitely!


Positive Quotes :

Life Quotes :

Quotes - Everything is tempory, dark clouds do appear.but wash away with time, keep patience

oten success has a series of failure

Quote- Small things bring the greatest JOY.

Quote-Life is to be lived not destined

Quote - Just wait...Your time will come

Thinking out Loud

Quote - Gift someone a smile today

Life Quote- Wealth can be inherited not happiness

Life Quote- Be that sparkle that Outshines the light.

Never Give Up

Life quote- Dont beafraid of taking that jump. Just dive into the adventure of life

Life Quote- let the sunset breathe , begin a new day

Life Quote -Reflect upon your thoughts, you will definitely find your soul.

Heart- A thought corner

Life Quote- As moving as it is, move onto life with high spirits

Life Quotes - When its time : Fly High!

Embrace the perfectly imperfect YOU!

Life Quotes - road to success is always walked alone


Love Quotes :

Love Quote- time and tide waits for none, Except when i saw her

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